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Working with Others

There are times in life, when working with others, one may feel exasperated. With these feelings burnout can follow when sailing in uncharted waters. Jesus exercised patience trying to bring others along when his ministry was young. Through his example, I am reminded to see a commitment or situation all the way through. If I… Continue reading Working with Others

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Heaven is not Separated nor Segregated

Maybe it was the sight of St. Therese’s lovely roses gently swaying in the wind or the fragrant bloom of the Jasmine that caused my head to turn. God was once again calling me to him, in the garden. Nature is ‘the’ place where God and I meet on equal and holy ground. As one… Continue reading Heaven is not Separated nor Segregated

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Looking in the Rearview Mirror- The Ugly Side of Church Splits

What happens when members leave your church community or group? Several years ago, I was on the receiving end of such an event. Have you ever sat in church thinking this is going to be a beautiful day?You just said the Lord’s Prayer and shared a sign of peace. Suddenly, you are lifted out of… Continue reading Looking in the Rearview Mirror- The Ugly Side of Church Splits


Women and the Priesthood

There are Clergy Women of God who share in the celebration and love of the Holy Eucharist; including the mystical traditions of Catholicism, who were not ordained in the roman ecclesia. The number one question I get is “How can this be possible?” Doors closed and doors were opened by the male clergy who were… Continue reading Women and the Priesthood

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Helping Others When Times Are Tough!

Everyone who works in ministry knows that funds are tight right now. Members of “Helping One Family at a Time” are partnering with other ministries to help provide a little relief for families in need this summer. We were asked to help out with milk. Right now, the price of milk in our local “Save… Continue reading Helping Others When Times Are Tough!