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You Know the Way!

“I have set before you an open door that no one can shut.”

I am showing you the way. The time to arise is here.

You have been given a new pair of shoes, put them on. Aren’t they a comfy fit?

Now, stand tall. You are ready!

Honor the truth that stirs within. I will direct you in the way to go, from this point forward.

Today, we begin a new race together.

Just as in heaven there are many doors and mansions, so it is here. I will open many new doors that lead into new abodes/mansions; the choices abound.

Choose wisely, as if you were picking produce at the market. There is a great harvest bearing fruit right now.

A way is being made, as we speak.

Get moving and break in those new shoes.

I am a bit ahead of you on the trail, but I will wait for you.

“I am the Way!”

Bud Forth

“The dawn has secrets to tell you…”

Stop being a prisoner of your own thoughts.

Don’t get stuck in the mud. “The dawn does have secrets to tell you, don’t go back to sleep.”

Step out and live your life. Create the reality you want by connecting with your Spirit.

There is much reparation need within; abide your time accordingly.

“Listen to me, you holy children; bud forth as a rose growing by a brook of water.” (Sir. 39)

Son Day for Sunday

In the Beginning…


“In the Beginning was the Word”

In the Beginning was the Word; the Word was with God.”

In the beginning was everything that started in silence.

On the breaking of dawn, a new day arose; in the evening, a new moon appeared in the sky.

We have heaven and earth; day and night.

You have traveled thus far and now a new way is being made. This journey replaces the old path, worn out and forgotten. Now, we are back at the beginning, once again!

The new path, it has many roads to choose from. Make sure you are on the right trail.

As you proceed, test everything with the Word. Does it line up? If it does, proceed. If it doesn’t, discern.

Get secure in your foundation and let the Spirit awaken. The Spirit has more to teach you.

It is I who will lead you. I am always in front of you, taking your hand and leading the way. Don’t let go! If you do, go back to the beginning.

Reach out and take my hand. We will move along the path together.

It is here where you will find the truth and your destiny.

“I am the way, the truth and the life!”

Son Day for Sunday Happy 2017

Embracing God’s Love

“I am Blessed with the Light and Love of Christ.”

Happy New Year!

Of all God’s children, you are richly blessed and deserving of all that I am; all that I have.

My goal for you in 2017 is to embrace God’s Love; find it, keep it and spread it to others along the way. Lift up the part of humanity that is broken; within self or another.

See my most immaculate heart shining forth in remembrance of what I did and why I came so long ago. I come to you now in preparation of what is to come. There is a segment of hope lost in your world.

As you learn to “Embrace God’s Love” find the hope you once had and let it shine for all to see; never let the eternal flame extinguish.

“A Healed Heart is full of Faith, Hope & Love.”


Son Day for Sunday

Getting Closer

“I bring you good news; tidings of great joy.”

Does this passage sound familiar? Well, it should. This was the announcement from the heavenly host, just prior to the great birth.

We are getting closer to the great event. Do you know what you want to give birth to?

“Bless us, Yeshua Jesus. You give us Gospel freshness when a heart that trusts is at the beginning of everything.” (Taize Prayers)

Moving On

“God does not ask us to accomplish wonders that are beyond us. God does enable us to surrender ourselves in simplicity. The Holy Spirit suggests these simple words: God of Mercy, what do you want from me?” (Bro. Roger)

We are in Advent and waiting for the Light to come forth.

“Seek me; it is in the silence of waiting where the answers you seek will come forth.

Many of you feel you are in a holding pattern. You move a few steps forward and stop; do not despair. It is necessary to stop. This is where you catch your breath and begin again.

The journey is long or short depending upon your view of the situation.

I am ready to leave it all behind and move on, are you?”

“Seek and you shall find.”

The Hope of You

“My soul waits. You are the hope of all the ends of the earth.” (Ps. 65)

There is a break in communication and many have lost hope. Don’t lose hope! Place yourself in the center of God’s awareness. Let go of everyone and everything.

Regain your composure. Leave it all and step in; the appointed and anointed time is now. The blessings are pouring forth with the Latter Day Rain. Embrace your Spirit.

Put yourself first in God’s life. Follow the inspiration of Christ via the Spirit, the Inner Ticker of Life; feed it with goodness and hope; rise up and be. “My hope is in you!” (Ps. 39)

“Hope is acceptance and letting go of all flaws whether one is set free or still struggling.”**


**Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 56

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