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Bearing Fruit – God is My Strength!

“Now that you have planted your seed, allow yourself to bloom and grow.”

A Vision:

The God of Strength offers you a staff. It symbolizes the great Mustard Tree; one with strong roots and a firm foundation, “My foundation is in the Light.”

You are a sprout that has pushed up through the earth. Continue to nurture and care for yourself.

Become familiar with your surroundings and pay attention. Don’t doubt or blow off the smallest detail

Let go and be the tree.

“Anyone who believes and has strength will do the greater works.”

Son Day for Sunday

Game of Life!

“You are making your way!”

On this auspicious and omnipotent day, you have discovered the “Game of Life”* and how to live it! The past is where is should be; behind you.

Your present; the gifts of the Mother/Father are here. They have been poured forth into holy vessels waiting for you to empty the contents; reach in and begin your life anew.

“God is man’s unfailing and inexhaustible supply.”

Begin to see the beauty all around you and hold to God’s perfect vision.

Nothing is hidden. You have a clear view.

“From where you are, step forward and breathe!”

*Florence Scovel Shinn

Son Day for Sunday

Palm Sunday

Open Wide the Gates

 “Open the gates and those who keep the truth will enter in.” (Is. 26)

We have taken a brief respite here in Jerusalem. Everyone is welcoming us, “Hosanna!”

As we take this mini-break on the road, the weariness of travel falls off.

The Peace of Christ moves into our hearts and lives; holding back outside forces that want to offer conflict instead of resolution, “Bring into human condition, found in the likeness of being human.” (Phil. 2)

Remain focused. Keep your hands and hearts open and God will open wide, the gates!

“In rejoicing, God is my peace!”

Hidden Gems – Week 5

A Surprise Visit!

The great awakening is on the horizon.”

Pay attention to everything you do and everywhere you go; it is of utmost importance, “Jesus rarely comes where we expect him.” He appears where we least expect him and always in the most illogical situations.”*

As we continue our road trip, we are reminded we are part of something much bigger than ourselves. We have to be ready for Christ’s “surprise visit” at every turn.

The readiness of the experience will not be brought about by acts of service, but through intense spiritual reality via child-like faith.

Are you ready for your surprise visit?

 “Be ready!”(Lk. 12)



Hidden Gems – Week 1

Garden of Gethsemane – Despair

“I believe it is important to march beside Jesus into the depths of loneliness, despair and brokenness, to find freedom and redemption in His Light and Resurrection.”**

Jesus speaks:

In the evening, I went into the garden to pray and speak with Abba.

As you know, the cup of suffering did not pass, but remained with me; “Thy will not mine be done.” Darkness and despair engulfed me.

When I tried to awaken my friends, they went back to sleep. I felt alone, “My soul was crushed with grief to the point of death.”

I saw lights in the distance. My heart began to race. I was terrified. My friends scattered like lost sheep.

There is a lot of despair in the world right now; people rushing here and there, “the time has come.”

“We all have to walk the journey with Jesus in order to be delivered and get set free from fear, anger, resentment, bitterness and un-forgiveness that finds its way into our hearts.”**

Every Wednesday, during Lent, I will post a new “Hidden Gems” message for the week. This will be an interactive experience for you, as followers of Rev. Patty’s Inspiration Station blog. I encourage you to leave comments about your “Hidden Gems” experiences.

Scripture passages will be highlighted in red.

Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life or other personal writings will be highlighted in green.


**Deliver Me, O’ Lord, Rev. Patricia Zorn

Book of Matthew, Chap. 26



Son Day for Sunday

In the Beginning…


“In the Beginning was the Word”

In the Beginning was the Word; the Word was with God.”

In the beginning was everything that started in silence.

On the breaking of dawn, a new day arose; in the evening, a new moon appeared in the sky.

We have heaven and earth; day and night.

You have traveled thus far and now a new way is being made. This journey replaces the old path, worn out and forgotten. Now, we are back at the beginning, once again!

The new path, it has many roads to choose from. Make sure you are on the right trail.

As you proceed, test everything with the Word. Does it line up? If it does, proceed. If it doesn’t, discern.

Get secure in your foundation and let the Spirit awaken. The Spirit has more to teach you.

It is I who will lead you. I am always in front of you, taking your hand and leading the way. Don’t let go! If you do, go back to the beginning.

Reach out and take my hand. We will move along the path together.

It is here where you will find the truth and your destiny.

“I am the way, the truth and the life!”

Prayer Warriors – Intercessors


The one who prays imparts understanding.”*

In Heaven

The Prayer Warriors are interceding on our behalf right now.

The Prayer Warriors are our Prayer Partners in heaven.

When one experiences her/his Prayer Warrior, she/he gets a true glimpse of God’s good in heaven.

God’s angels have a special place in heaven and they all have different jobs.

What a miracle it is to know that a being of the angelic realm cares for us; about our needs, with the end result or final word resting with God.

Catholics believe in the power of Intercessory Prayer; praying to a saint, one who has walked the earth before to storm the throne room of heaven on our behalf.

What a comfort it is to know that our requests are being handled with loving care. We also have Prayer Partners on earth!

On Earth

As Prayer Partners on earth, we intercede in prayer for one who has a special need and has asked us to stand with them and pray for them. We also ask others to support with us when we have a prayer need.

Recently, I called upon my “Two Listeners”, a prophetic couple to pray for me. I asked for their intercession and received spiritual words of comfort and truth.

As they sent me this wonderful intercession via a technical avenue, I was able to save the powerful words they sent me. As they were praying for me from a distance, I stood in agreement by placing my hand over my heart; speaking the words over myself, knowing they were praying with me, “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I stand in the midst of them.”

In My Father’s House, there are many mansions and there is a whole lot of praying going on; on earth as it is in Heaven.” Amen!

*Awakening the Inner Ticker of Life, pg. 25