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Opening of the Silence

Set Free – Week 6 Hi Everyone, Welcome to "Rev. Patty's Inspiration Station" Take a moment & click on the icon below to listen to Week 6 of "Set Free" podcast, featuring the topic "Opening of the Silence” Further Reflection: Contemplate this message: During meditation, the Holy Breath of the Risen One blew upon me… Continue reading Opening of the Silence

Prophetic Passages

When the Unexpected Comes Knocking

“Before you call, I answer.” How can one attain peace when life is in turmoil? What about the negative thoughts keep circling around or confusion that knocks one off her/his path? In bewilderment, our vision becomes distorted; we don’t have the whole picture; what if? We feel trapped, as though we have to go to… Continue reading When the Unexpected Comes Knocking

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Bearing Fruit – God is My Strength!

"Now that you have planted your seed, allow yourself to bloom and grow." A Vision: The God of Strength offers you a staff. It symbolizes the great Mustard Tree; one with strong roots and a firm foundation, “My foundation is in the Light.” You are a sprout that has pushed up through the earth. Continue… Continue reading Bearing Fruit – God is My Strength!