Prophetic Passages

The Great Awakening

Hi Everyone, Welcome to "Rev. Patty's Inspiration Station" Take a moment & click on the icon below to listen to this week's "Prophetic Passages" podcast message, "The Great Awakening” Further Reflection: Take a moment to pause: "What is stirring with you?" "Are you experiencing a new season of being in your spiritual life?" Thanks for tuning… Continue reading The Great Awakening

Son Day for Sunday

A Transformational Journey

“Let the Transformational Power of the Light surround you!” Welcome to the “World of the Wondrous.” As I walked in the yard before the dawn, I felt the grass shift a bit beneath my feet. I realized I was walking on holy ground. It takes courage to go out into the dark. We can’t always… Continue reading A Transformational Journey

Son Day for Sunday

Foundation is the Key

“Prepare yourself to receive the foundation of the world.” We are only beginning to scratch the surface, there is so much more to be revealed. Right now, the earth is cold and hard to work, so building a foundation will take muscle to accomplish. However, we are going much deeper; beyond the surface of what… Continue reading Foundation is the Key