River of Light

“The River of Light flows from me to you.”

During a recent day vision, I was taken to a throne room with other Prayer Warriors where Jesus appeared.

Suddenly, the wall opened up behind Jesus and the Light of Heaven began to flow like a river or rolling ocean waves. The Light slowly made its way over the assembled group of Prayer Warriors, up to the back wall of the room.

The Light was a thick yellow fog. I could not see anything in front or around me, just the Light. God’s Light was illuminating and beautiful.

The encounter left me with a feeling of comfort and peace. “God makes the rivers to flow. They tire not, nor do they cease from flowing.” (EE)

After witnessing this scene, I received a notice on my phone for a “dense fog advisory” in my area.

“The River of Light is my first gift to you in this new prophetic season. Now, share it with others!”